Keynote/ Motivational Speaker

Powerhouse Edible Motivational Speaker

Take the creative approach when hiring your next keynote/ motivational speaker for your event. 

Let us show your group how to eat inspiration to:

Increase Sales

Increase Productivity

Inspire Others

Increase Self Awareness & Empowerment

Spark Leadership Qualities 

Transform Negative Life Impacts into Fuel for Creativity and Business

A highly inspired person naturally sets higher expectations for themselves and others. It is known that people with higher expectations tend to lead more successful lives and positively motivates others.

We here at Inspired Cravings have a unique approach to motivational speaking including pulling out inspiration in each attendee and baking cupcakes that are full of forgiveness, hope, courage, strength, patience, self-esteem, teamwork, and much much more! 

Additional Workshops include:

Lead from your seat

How to eat Greatness

Youth Transformation

Superior Customer Service

and Customizable workshops as well


Are you looking for a new dynamic approach to inspiration for your youth group that may be in a challenging environment? Our purpose here at Inspired Cravings is to share and motivate as many adverse youth as we can by connecting with the group by decorating cupcakes and sharing a message of “ How to eat Greatness” in the middle of adversity. The power to transcend your circumstances is the magic.

Please email for more information and to book your date!

All Workshops include:
-Dynamic motivational presentations from speakers who are experienced in executive level public industry, executive customer service trainer in casino hospitality industry, and successful CEO conservative private sector type who has navigated through childhood adversity.

-Elaborate Cupcake dessert table with all supplies included to participate in the workshop.

Please email for more information and to save your date.