About Us

As the Owner of Inspired Cravings and the Washington DC areas #1 Edible Empowerment Coach, Taria is a dynamic outgoing personality and a sought after motivational resource in non-profit sectors and corporate hospitality for delivering self-empowerment and transformational messages that are good enough to eat.

Taria, a mother of three beautiful young ladies and a Atlantic City New Jersey native, grew up in the inner city and was faced with dodging adversity, poverty and homelessness. As faith would have it, adversity propels! Amongst other successes, Taria started her career in the casino industry as a training coordinator where she conducted Energetic and customer service focused New Hire Orientations and was the creator and facilitator of the course "Exceeding Expectations", a fast paced hospitality workshop, for over 600 new hire applicants each month. Other Casino's, such as Tropicana, caught wind of Taria's creative and high energy approach and hired her for the same position.

Baking was a long time hobby and Inspired Cravings was born in 2011 to share perfect cupcakes with everyone. In 2013, Taria was asked to return to her hometown of Atlantic City, by community leaders, to speak to the local youth about overcoming adversity and dream reaching. The cupcakes accompanied Taria on the trip back to New Jersey where all of her faith and gifts collided like a ton of bricks! "I'm going to name the cupcakes hope, love, strength, faith, courage and self-esteem". "Eating these qualities should help", so that is how edible empowerment motivation was born.

If you could eat greatness... would you?
and.... let's not forget that the Cupcakes are AMAZING!!!!